No Shave November
For the whole month of November students and staff will be having a fun competition and fundraiser. Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate. This is to raise awareness to men's health and support a valued member of our school community; Ben Gilmour. All proceeds will go to help him and his family.
The Rules
Shave your face clean on October 31
For the entire month of November you cannot shave or trim at all
Pick up a pledge sheet from the office to track the donations you have collected
You may shave again on December 1 but you must take a picture of your beard before you do
If you would like to join the cause but missed the shave date, shave anyway and start with a clean face. You'll have less days of growth for the beard competition.
There will be prizes in each grade for the best beard (fake beards are acceptable but they must be creative).
There will also be a grand prize for the individual who raises the most money.
Let's make this a lot fun and show our support!