Thank You for Your Input

The Board of Trustees wishes to thank our stakeholders for their valued participation and input during the Livingstone Range School Divisions’ Electoral Ward Boundary Review process.

Recently, the Board of Trustees approved the Second, Third, and Final Reading of Bylaw No. 2019-01. Subject to the Minister of Education’s approval of this bylaw, the number of trustees to be elected for each ward will be as follows:

  • Ward 1 - 3 Trustees
  • Ward 2 - 2 Trustees
  • Ward 3 - 2 Trustees

As set out in the School Act, this bylaw will take effect on the date of the next general election for the Board, which is set to occur in October 2021.

Thank you to parents, school staff, and community members who participated in the Electoral Ward Boundary Review. As a Board of Trustees, we are grateful to work with our stakeholders to provide the best governance and results for students, teachers, and administrators in Livingstone Range School Division.